Happiness just is. It is in the same place and at the same time as you are now. It’s following you wherever you go. It’s like a Cartesian point in the space, without size but with determined position. It follows everyone and always.

We don’t need to look for happiness. We should attune to it, learn to feel it. Most of us try to find it somewhere outside (like in this video). We buy, we get addicted and still, it doesn’t lead us anywhere near happiness. Because we are starting from the wrong side. Our dynamic is trying to gain us happiness and internal peace.

However, if we attune to happiness in the first place, our dynamic changes. It becomes clear and healthy. I know it from my own experience. Through years I tried but it happened only for a while during meditations. These years of practicing different kinds of meditation every year led me to a point where I can feel happiness nearly at any time I want, and you can do it too, probably even in a shorter time. Trust me, two years is nearly nothing and in these two years, you are likely to get into the top 10% just if you set up a habit and follow it daily (and your habit list might vary after time, for example, every 3~6 months). It might sound hard to schedule a daily task for three months. I also thought so. But now I follow the pattern for over 120 days. Surely, single days happen, and about these days I want to dwell another paragraph.

Those days happen usually because of external circumstances. Of course, we cannot be 100% independent. These outside storms make us forget about the goals, the habits and listening to happiness, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Technology comes to save us. Not only smartphones can notify us about reminders, even as simple technology as a piece of paper with a grid, titles and a pencil. Tick X if you have finished a task this day. If I read the previous sentence, I would have already given up reading this because I would find an excuse that I am too ashamed if someone finds out what are my goals and habits. That’s why I only wrote several letters and small pictures only I understand. So even if you live with someone and don’t want them to find out because you feel this is private, you don’t need to have it decrypted for the entire world.

Moving back to happiness. It’s vital to not forget about it. We can be easily dragged away by external forces. However, it’s nothing wrong just as having thoughts during meditation is okay. Keep calm and focus back. You don’t need to do it through the entire day but the more you do this, the more subconscious it will become and therefore one day you will feel happiness all the time. The more you do something, the more habitual it becomes the more your brain trains shorter pathways to the most used resources.

Relating to my previous post Greatness from inside of you, one of the affirmations I use to repeat daily is “I achieve success in everything I do. Therefore my life is full of things and values I need to be happy“. Doesn’t this assume that I shouldn’t be happy because I didn’t achieve success? I am now doing a trick of reverse logic. I am happy, therefore the conditions are theoretically met, so because I achieve success. This tricks my subconsciousness into thinking that I am happy because I achieve success and it tries to align to the condition because it cannot be held longer in that paradox. I can also dissect this affirmation with material implication. Let the truth table look like this:

Success Happiness Is true?
1. no no yes
2. no yes yes
3. yes no no
4. yes yes yes

That means, that the following can be true:

  1. If I am not successful, I am not happy.
  2. If I am not successful, I am happy.
  3. If I am successful, I will never be unhappy. (Although we know that is not a thing in real life).
  4. If I am successful, I am happy.

However, let’s try to do this the opposite way:

  1. If I am not happy, I am not successful.
  2. If I am happy, I am not successful.
  3. If I am not happy, I will never be successful.
  4. If I am happy, I am successful.

And we can merge it into:

  • (2, 4) If I am happy, I can either be successful or unsuccessful.
  • (1, 3) However, if I am unhappy, I will never be successful.

These two conclude enough my last two posts. This inner peace can cause us to achieve what we want. It’s a vital point of reaching our goals. The other way round it is very unstable.


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